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Adam Dahan of OCO Transportation has gone too far this time. He has accused me on the internet of being a "drug smuggler". The main office has been abusive accusing me of being a "crack addict", "pothead" and drug traffcker. My prescriptions were never on their truck but were in my jewelry box which went in my car with me. I am a teacher with a reputation to protect, and, his company has done nothing but evade their responsibilities. Dahan also accused me of assualting his "mover" at the time of pick up at my home, but, two months ago it was the "driver" that I allegedly threw things at. I have witnesses who have all signed affadavits, that I never threw anything at the driver. No professional movers were present at delivery, my son and I had to unload the truck. Dahan has tried to convince me that $4,500 of the money I gave them went to labor...what labor, I had to unload the truck myself with a bad back. They left all my furniture unassembled and lost the hardware to my bed frames and dining room table. They lost the key to my curio cabinet rendering it useless (that was company packed) and lost the shelves to it (also company packed).

I have attempted, for the last 2 1/2 months, to file a claim and deal with a company who has absolutely no regard for the law, the truth, their promisesk, or their customers posessions. The only thing they care about is the money. All of my things were properly packed, and, the company refuses to reimburse me even for things they packed but that never made it to my home. They did not check inventory (per USDOT regulations) when my son and I unloaded, did not have me initial the pages, did not provide me with the brochure about my rights and, to top it all off, actually told their insurance company that my delivery was on 3/25/2010 making it six months and no longer a valid claim. I found out when I called the insurance company.

I need a lawyer, now!

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Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico #198539

@CWJ, btw, you don't really know both sides of the story, do you? I think the pictures speak louder than words since that is how my things were loaded on the truck, the pictures are shocking, don't you think?

Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico #198536

@CJW, apparently you have not visited the DOT complaint site where there are more than just ONE COMPLAINT. You have not gone to Rip Off Report and read the poor people's complaint who just moved with Adam and could be a repeat of my complaint.

Oh, yes, it is reasonable for Adam to lie and defame me on the internet. I am not trying to smear his name, he is doing that himself by performing poorly, lying and making promises he has no intention of keeping. Very reasonable. Very reasonable to say that I have called every day (untrue) and that I call him in the middle of the night (I am asleep in the middle of the night, I am an older person and do not have time for childish phone games.)

Why don't you have the guts to put your real name as it appears you are one of Adam's "friends". I warn people because not only of their treatment of my possessions but their treatment of me, verbal abuse, mental abuse, defamation of character, etc.....your little friend Edna told me I was "crack addict", a "pothead" and a "drug trafficker" on the phone and I had other people listening to the exchange, I am sure that any "reasonable person" would not be so abusive on the phone, oh she also said "Don't f*&k with me." Very reasonable indeed. It is not just the move that is the issue, the treatment of my possessions was bad enough, but the mental anguish I have had to endure in dealing with them has been what prompted this campaign to expose them for what they...

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WOW I cant believe this.I have worked with both Adam and Edna DOZENS of times.

I have moved with them myself and so has my entire family and numerous places of business ( mine and my family's) all LONG DISTANCE and I have never had a complaint. I know for a fact they do a huge amount of volume and they do work together but are seperate companies. As a fellow business owner I understand that not all customers remain happy. Many times some issues did come up even with my moves, but Adam always corrected each situation.

Being that the only complaint all over the interent seems to come from one person, it leads me to believe that this was simply ONE DISSATSFIED customer. I have read Adam's side of the story and it seems reasonable, especially speaking from my own experience with him. It is unfortunate that one dissatisfied customer is going to such great lengths to tarnish his name . REALLY SAD.

Prior to working with Adam and Edna I have had tons of negative experiences with other moving companies.

I am happy I only work with them.I would ask potential clients to take both sides of the story into consideration.

Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico #196886

Defamation of character is still something you do not understand Adam? Hope you have the phone records to actually prove that I call you and your cronies at NY everyday. Unfortunately, unlike you, I have a life.

First point, you seem to have no problem lying, I never threatened you except with a lawsuit, which is not a threat, it is a promise.

Second, you did not deliver goods in 10 days (as promised?????), it was 17 days after you picked them up.

Third, I am not harrassing you, you had best be prepared to back that up in court, I never called you in the middle of the night, you had better be able to produce evidence in court.

Fourth, being called a "crack addict", "pot head" and "drug trafficker" by your mother at your New York office is POLITE? Being told that they wished I would have a stroke so I could not call back is considered POLITE? They are your home office, not a separate entity and, when I could get no response from you, even after I mailed claim documents as requested, I was forced to call them. All I received from them was ABUSE!

Fifth, $1,200, big deal, you caused over $3,000 in damage, did not put my furniture back together, have threatened me that if I don't sign the settlement documents then the claim is "dead 90 days after delivery". When I ask where is that written, I am told "NOWHERE". You get to make up the settlement rules as you go along? I don't think so.

Of course you had to treat my...

Everyone who reads this needs to understand that this company in 2010 has had 11 "hostage" complaints against them, and, I think the pictures I posted speak louder than any words I can say.

Adam must spend his time cruising all the complaint websites, you must not be too busy if you have time to do that!


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Ms Pomicnic is lying, was an a

Ms Pomicnic's MOVE COST DID NOT INCREASE BY A SINGLE PENNY.She accused us of stealing marijuana (which are only prescription drugs in the state of CA) and going through her goods (yet nothing was missing from those goods ,including high priced items such as jewelry and electronics).

I promised her goods in 10 business days which is extremely good timing from coast (CA) to coast(NC), on a semi trailer doing multiple pickups or deliveries ( and did honor this request). Every phone call I or my reps made to her resulted in verbal abuse to me and to all of my reps. Being cursed at or threatened. Calling me names that I cant even repeat on the internet, “Little S***, F*** or C***”.

I finally could not take such calls everyday to my office and cell phone when I was trying to help and was left with these horrific results . I wish I can replay some of the saved voicemails. They are appalling to hear that any person can speak like this. Any horrible words uttered from any of my superiors were results of not being able to take her extreme daily distractions at their place of business.

They were only said as a last resort , after months of being cursed at by her. She even called my cell numerous times in the middle of the night during weekends , waking me and my family up at my home. SHE STILL CALLS DAILY AND HARRASSES US. I personally received her claim paperwork.

I explained that she needs to deal with the San Diego office , not NY...


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